My Documents Folder Synchronization

By gloze
Mar 16, 2009
  1. Here's the problem. Old server (2003) crashed and is unrecoverable. Receptionist was able to continue with the local cached copy of my document on her XP media center edition pc. So I got new hardware for server and installed server 2003, went to receptionist xp machine and changed the workgroup name to match the domain name, since Media Center is not domain enabled, and viola I can see the server. Then I did something stupid. I double clicked the offline icon in the task tray and removed the my documents synchronization. Of course if this is the only folder being sychronized, the offline icon will disappear. Immediately after this she had no access to my documents as it came up with an error trying to reach the old server. I looked in the %SystemFolder%\CSC and everything is still there, but I can't read the documents as all the file names seem to be numbers and index's to the sub-folders. Is there a way I can get the local XP Machine to see the documents again ?
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