My first self-built PC (opinions and suggestions wanted)

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Jun 28, 2006
  1. Gundam04

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    I went to my local Computer shop and they had this 600W power supply that I really liked and I wanna see if I can find it else where for cheaper. I can't remember what it was called or who made it, so I'll try to describe it.

    With this PSU, instead of having unused cables wasting room in your machine you could take them off the PSU. The cables were already sleaved, and it looked really efficent. If no one knows what I'm talking about, it's no big deal I'll just end up paying a bit more on my PSU then I wanted to.
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    I believe you are referring to modular cable management. There are a lot of PSU makers offering this, and it is a good thing. I have a PSU with modular cables myself and love it.

    But be warned, there are also some very bad PSU makers who use modular cable management. Don't skimp on your PSU. Get yourself one from a reliable maker, you won't regret it.

    Here's mind by the way:
  3. Gundam04

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  4. KingCody

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    it doesn't mention X2 on the overview page, but on the A8N-SLI specification page it states:
    I too was planning to wait for DX10 myself, but I couldn't deal with the crappy x550 any longer. so I bought a 7600GT yesterday to hold me over until Halo2PC comes out... hehe :giddy:

    What's your budget for your video card?

    BTW, have you decided on a PSU yet?

    cheers :wave:
  5. Gundam04

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    The PSU I'm getting is the XConnect 2. I'm looking to spend around $150 + or - $20 would be fine though. But what I need to know is whether that Premium Board is X2 compatible or should I get the delux which is on sale now?
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