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My HP Pavillion monitor keeps going to sleep

By Carpe
Dec 10, 2008
  1. First, my parents unplugged a few things out of anger one day.

    That was a year ago, they've finally given me my computer back and I hooked everything back up inside no problem.

    I went to turn in on and the monitor will start and then say going to sleep, then start itself up again given you the option of normal mode or safe mode.

    If you go into safe mode, you're fine, if you go into Normal mode, it goes through that process of monitor going to sleep and starting up again.

    I thought maybe it was the tower because of me maybe missing something small in it that would cause something big.

    Well I took it to a friend who went to school for that and he took the memory card out, put it back in and hooked it up to his monitor and it ran perfectly fine in normal mode. Woohoo.

    Well I took it home, and it's still doing it on my monitor, so I can come to the conclusion that I narrowed it down to it's the monitor? not the tower.

    well I looked at the settings and it shows a recommended setting for a thousand some number x a thousand some number (can't check at the moment or I would) and then it says 60.0 GHRZ? when in safe mode, the first numbers are smaller than the recommended. but it meets the 60.0 GHRZ? it's actually 60.9, so would that mean in normal mode it's not meeting that and that's why it keeps restarting the monitor like that? When I restored the other day, I was given an option of installing hardware for the monitor? I clicked continue anyways. I'm now in the process of restoring and seeing more details about that and maybe trying no this time to see where I can't get. But even if it were to fix the problem or it weren't could anyone suggest anything or explain anything more to me? Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you if you were to reply, I really appreciate it.
  2. Carpe

    Carpe TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I completely restore the PC to it's original self from the manufactoror I can't spell. And it's fine.. nothing at all wrong with it. Now. I installed my linksys wireless card fine, but when I put it in. that's when the monitor keeps restarting on me. when I take it out, it loads fine. BUT when my friend plugged it into his computer, it worked fine, with the lnksys card in it?
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