My Hpdv5z laptop wont boot up windows vista

By HDD123
Jun 14, 2009
  1. My 5 month old hp dv5z laptop cannot boot into vista. It is still able to boot into the bios so i decided to used f11 for hp system recovery. That was a big mistake. The Hp recovery wouldnt start and it only gave me a big blue screen. Now whenever i boot the laptop i goes into hp recovery with the blue screen (not the blue screen of death its a light bl. Please help me ive been trying for weeks to fix it and nothing working. I have been using the live cd of ubuntu on my laptop but i still have inportant information and i dont want my fingerprint scanner, and my hp webcam to be made useless please help me...
  2. ccumbie2889

    ccumbie2889 TS Rookie

    First thing you need to do (if you haven't already) is get that important information off of that laptop. Perhaps what you could do is to install Ubuntu on say, a 5 GB partition or whatever, using Ubuntu's installation partitioning. It will install GRUB, and allow you to access both the recovery and Vista. I know this because I've done it before, now if your MBR is corrupted, then this won't help. Do not use a Vista DVD to repair the MBR, or you will render the recovery inaccessible. I hate recovery partitions, just give us the recovery discs! Hope that helps. Oh and on a side note, if this works, do not delete Ubuntu's partition, or you won't be able to boot once again.
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