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My keyboard for my LAPTOP only has some letters that will work. z,x,c,b, and n are the only keys that will work. h and j are scrambled, so they both type the letter b. My FN key doesn't work because it acts like a like the shift button, and the every other key that I didn't mention has no function to them. Also I'd like to add that sometimes when I restart my computer, the keyboard does not respond at all, and instead keeps typing the letter q when I try to enter my password. BTW, the enter key only works sometimes. As of now I am using a usb Lenovo keyboard. Malware Bytes, Hijackthis, and Spybot haven't picked up anything and the situation is getting worse because my computer is also starting to slow down.

Please help me, thank you.

Edit: Whenever I try to type something in my browser, it doesn't type letter. If I type F then it will drop down the file menu, or if I type H it will drop down the help menu. I am currently using an iPad right now because my mouse cannot use the left click. Instead the left click is used like a right click.


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This isn't the 'weird keyboard department', So I'm going to have your thread moved to a more appropriate forum. Please stay subscribed to the thread.


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Has there been any moisture or spillage on the keyboard? I've had this before when there has been something damaging the conacts for the keys causing many of them to cause the wrong response to be generated.
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No, I know this is a virus because even my USB keyboard is not working now. I can't start windows normally because when it says if I want to start in safe mode my enter key on my laptop keyboard and my USB keyboard will not work.