My laptop keeps freezing

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Sep 12, 2010
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  1. HI

    I have a Fujitsu AMILO Pro V2030 , I installed window xp, 5 times, on this laptop I charge the memory I charge hard drive, I held the power button Down for 30 sec without the battery in, and it just keeps freezing some time in the middle of the installation, and all the time after it j I do not know what more to do, please help:zzz:
  2. B00kWyrm

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    1. You mean that you "changed" your memory?
    Did you run memcheck on it?
    Are you sure your bios settings are correct for the new memory?

    2. Are you trying to reinstall windows from the Fujitsu disk, or from a different disk?

    3. Are you sure you do not have an overheating problem?
    How old is the system (about 5 years?), and in what kind of environment?
    Is it possible dust has accumulated?
    Are you overclocking?

    4. Have you run diagnostics on your new hard-drive?

    5. What is the ORIGINAL reason for the changing of hardware and re-installation of windows?
  3. golden

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    yes the I meant the memory, yes i did do a memcheck, yes I am using Fujitsu disk to re install, no I have not got any heating problems, I taken and the heat sink and cleared all the dust, and app;y paste on the processor, I do not know how old it is,
    yes hard drive is been checked and working fine.

    when it came to me there was no hard drive
    kind regards
  4. B00kWyrm

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    It looks like your laptop must be about 4 years old.
    (judging by
    And if I understand you correctly, you received this laptop as a bare-bones... no drive and no memory.

    1. When you changed the memory, did you go into bios and make sure the bios settings were correct
    (in other words, set according to the manufacturers specs for the new memory)?

    2. How long did you run memtest?
    Did you follow this guide carefully?

    Please note that (unless you start getting errors reported) you will need to let this run a long time.
    A good way of doing this is to let it run over night. In each 'pass" there are a series of eight memory tests that are run, each more complicated than the previous. You need to let it run a minimum of 7 passes, unless you start getting errors. If you have errors reported, you may want to re-run the test with only one stick of ram installed, checked each stick until you isolate those that are faulty. That way you can limit your replacement to those that actually need it.

    3. Is the fujitsu disk the one that came with the computer, or from another fujitsu model?
    If it is from a different system, then it may be trying to load drivers that will not work with your computer.
    4. What did the previous owner say about it?
    Have you considered that the reason you now have the computer may be because there was a hardware problem that the previous owner could not resolve?

    5. Is your new drive SATA or PATA/IDE? And are the jumpers properly set?

    6. There may be a previous issue with the BIOS. Try resetting to factory defaults, before adjusting ONLY your memory settings per mfg specs.
  5. Archean

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    Also please check your Event Viewer logs (in Control panel, Administrative Tools, then to Event Viewer) and see something useful can be found there.
  6. B00kWyrm

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    Nice thought Archean.
    I thought he was saying that he could not even get windows to load, and so there would be no "events" or minidumps yet. Either could be helpful if available,

    Maybe I misunderstood.

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