MY Monitor Misery

By Marilyn
Feb 1, 2015
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  1. Hopefully this isn't anyone else's problem. I have a Gateway monitor (don't mind the No Signal message real fast) connected to a Gateway Desktop.>> It<< {whichever is lagging on bootup}, does not recognize any settings in the boot up process setting I choose in the bios. I have to repeatedly /manually turn off and on both= simultaneously, in order to get lucky enough to press F10 several times to jar it into the Boot Menu. When there(finally), I have to select the Hard drive because it doesn't pay any attention to the bios setting change I've made to boot it before attempting to look for the dumb floppy drive that I NEVER USE. So I can not RESTART after a hardware install or program install or just to RESTART my PC without this redundant fiasco ritual. That was the Boot UP from the start issue. Now, Anyway, finally, after it boots to where I expect {my desktop} I'm constantly reminded by a stupid "found new hardware" pop-up window and it NEVER >>finds, installs, updates, or allows me manually, or updates anything automatically so that the Yellow question mark in list in the Device Manager for the Media Controller ever goes away. Constant-as the day is long-I am constantly searching for >>>that<<<driver, and getting bombarded with DRIVER UPDATE program ads that are NOT FREE and will not FIX anything unless I Register and PAY 29.99 or $$$$. Which I think the MANUFACTURER of MY PC SHOULD allow FREE UPDATES AND UPGRADES since we bought their product at the ($$$) we paid for it. I just UNINSTALL the NON-FREE DRIVER UTILITY and try to find REAL FREE UTILITIES, Head-aches are abundant. Does anyone know WHERE the FREE UTILITIES ARE...REAL, as in NO REQUIRED REGISTRATION OR ($$) FREEWARE.
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    I had trouble reading this - any chance you can edit it and do some formatting - perhaps paragraphs? I bet you'll get more responses that way. The giant wall of text can be intimidating.
  3. bazz2004

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    Gateway computers disappeared long ago and were bought by Acer so this is a very old desktop. I've found that the computer recognises my monitors without my needing to look for or install specific drivers although the graphics card does work better with those from the manufacturer.

    Perhaps you could post a specific question together with details of your Windows OS and identify the model of your Gateway desktop computer.

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