Hardware My newly build pc's Monitor have no display

(but sometimes there is display) and everything seems like running fine.
I3 9th gen
Biostar H310
8gb ram
Rx 470
Evga 450w 80+ bronze


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I’m not a pc expert but I have tried this before and it worked. If you put your GPU in another PCIe x16 slot the display should show


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If you mean "no display" at boot time but then other times it works, that is one thing but if you are losing the display from within Windows and you know it's not the sleep settings (You know...monitor going to sleep) you should start with chipset drivers from you motherboard manufacturer''s page. Install that. Reboot. Then Google "AMD Adrenaline driver" and install the latest stable WHQL version. Reboot. If it still does it, apply the rest of the drivers from the motherboard website....audio...LAN ..etc..and also consider disabling 'Hybrid Sleep' from within Windows and turn off 'Fast Startup' from within Windows. They cause problems like this.

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