My pc keeps crashing while i play games

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Jul 25, 2008
  1. So 1st hi to all

    Just want to find out if any1 can help me with my problem? My pc crashes and reboots while im playing games. I think its a graphics card problem though. Ill tell you what i did now. I had a P4 for the last umteen years so it was time for an upgrade. My PC specs now are as follows:

    Pentium Dual core 3ghz Coolmaster CPU fan with back plate screw in
    2 gigs transcend ram (2 x 1 gig)
    Gigabyte 7900GT 256meg SLI ready
    Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L Motherboard
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora chassis
    1 x 200 WD IDE HDD (Windows)
    1 x 250 SG IDE HDD
    1 x 250 SG SATA HDD
    AOpen 400watt PSU
    AOpen DVD writer
    5.1 surround sound onboard
    So this is whats happening.

    I 1st noticed my front audio and mic started playing up. If the mic was pluged in it would say mic unplugged, if u put the head phones in with the mic it would say nothing connected. Anyway to sort that out i just disconnected the front jacks. Then my pc started crashing and rebooting continuously but it only happens while im playing games.

    I 1st thought it was overheating the cpu but ive put freash heat sink and put a cpu fan that screws on a plate behind the board.This didnt work so i thought it could be vista as i just put it on. Ive reformatted and changed from vista ultimate SP1 to XP SP3 and still it happens. I tried new board drivers and it still happens. I tried new graphics drivers but same thing. I have stripped the system back to pieces, cleaned it and put it back together as you can guess same thing. Iv updated to the latest bios F6 as well. Still the front audio doesn't work and the pc crashes in games. I am now out of ideas.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. n00b

    n00b TS Rookie Posts: 39

    what do you mean it crashes you need to be a little more specific, as in does it give you a BSOD does it say any kind of error code or does it just restart, if it just restarts check your BIOS monitors and see if anything is overheating as thats usually the first indicator if something is heating up. If its a BSOD right down the error then you can google it and see what it pertains to same with the error code.
  3. Wezzpony

    Wezzpony TS Rookie Topic Starter

    when i say crashes i mean im busy jamming a hectic session of pro evo 8 or COD 4 and the next min it reboots. Sometimes it wont go back in windows. It gets to the loading bar then reboots but most times it does. Ive tried checking the bios and my cpu seems fine @ between 30 - 40 degs. I dont no how to check cpu temp on graphics card.

    I wish it would give me an error msg or even a send to windows dont send msg. Lol. Is there a way i can check a windows log of what my pc is doing so i can go back in the historey and check if there are any errors?
  4. rr5678

    rr5678 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Did you check any of the capacitors on the motherboard and any possible add-on cards to see if any were damaged, missing, or blown?
  5. Wezzpony

    Wezzpony TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i Have cheched for blown components and it all seems fine. I have also read alot of other forums and it seems to be a common problem just nobody has any idea what the cause is. Some say ram could be faulty others say graphics card, some say drivers and bios, some say bad batch of motherboards. I am now taking the motherboard in on Monday and gonna ask if they can check it for me as im sure the problem lies with mobo or ram or graphics, Maybe if he can eliminate those components ill have a better chance of tracking the fault. Also got a m8 coming round 2day. He is a school technision and network admin so he may also be able 2 help.

    Hold thumbs m8 coz im clueless as 2 what the problem could be.

    Anyway shot
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