My USB flsh drive does not work anymore

By jamuco
Jun 11, 2009
  1. Hi y´all!!

    Help, I need help... Here´s the thing: I have a 4gb CORSAIR Flash Voyager, and it was working just fine... But suddenly it stopped working and if I plug it in any computer I can´t open it to get the files or anything. I´ve been searching for a solution, since the info in there is from work and I have no backups at all! These are the "symptoms":

    1- When I plug it in, it will lit, but no auto-run
    2- If I check in My Computer, there it is, it says "removable disk drive E". Now, the problem here is that it use to have a name: CORSAIR, but not anymore.
    3- If I try to open the drive it says that the drive is not formatted, and if I want to format it (which I don´t, just trying), and still it won´t let me.
    4- I tried running a virus scan, and it says that the drive is clean.
    5- If I check properties it says that the drive has no space avaliable nor full, and it also says RAW.
    5- If I check the system tray, the USB icon is there.
    6- I know the info is still in the USB since, I´ve ran a data recovery program, but, most of the files are damaged.

    I hope you can help me ´cause I´ve really really need the info!!


  2. Tmagic650

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    Sounds like the flash drive is bad. Was it formatted in NTFS or FAT?
  3. xehqter

    xehqter TS Rookie

    Sounds like a bad flash drive, the data is still recoverable however you need to send it to a data recovery shop that specializes in flash drives (most don't). I've been seeing a lot of Consair Flash Voyagers lately, pain to work on because they coat the board in silicone to water proof it however the data is always recoverable.

    #6 is odd, most bad flash drives are unaccessable, its strange that a software DR app found info (even if it was all corrupt) - $135 special for this month (shameless plug for my DR company) - ~$450
    ontrack - $1,500 - $3,000
  4. jamuco

    jamuco TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Hi y'all:

    Just to let you know that after spending all night long trying to figure out how to recover my files from the flash drive, I found what I call "magic wand" program that solve the problem. YES!! PC Investigator (or something like that, sorry I’m really tired) did it and the best of all… it’s all free!!

    So, it was worth the sacrifice I made... I’m at work now having a large energy drink so I can make it thru the day, and hoping that the hours pass by real quick, so I can get home and get a well deserved sleep. I’m real tired and sleepy, but as I mentioned, it was worth the pain!!

    Thanks a lot y'all!!
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