MySpace is alive and kicking thanks in part to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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MySpace, the social network that many joined before Facebook defined the social networking era, is still around. Not only is it still around, it's actually doing quite well in terms of generating traffic among its lucrative 17 to 25-year-old target...

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Poor Journalism

TS Rookie
Is the author making the assumption that MySpace is successful in part because of Throwback Thursday? This article gives no real reasoning behind MySpace's recent success. Also, it helps to learn how to properly use a comma.
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So the article is implying that MySpace's recent success is a result of people recovering old accounts to download old photos? Sounds like a poorly researched article and quite frankly, if that is really the case, this is not success, it's just more user churn.


Um the article states: "MySpace brought in 50.6 million unique visitors in the US this past November, good for a whopping 575 percent increase during the same period a year earlier ... The social networking pioneer reinvented itself in early 2013 as a hub for music and entertainment," so maybe the real problem is your reading comprehension skills.