'Myst' creator takes to Kickstarter to fund spiritual successor Obduction

Shawn Knight

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It’s been two decades since Myst, one of the best-selling games of all time, was first released on the PC. The franchise received multiple sequels over the years but nothing ever came close to being as successful as the original....

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Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander fame, is doing the same thing with a new space game. His reason is that no one would back him, Gladly, I got in on that. More power to these people and crowd funding. As I see it, it brings the voice of PC gaming back to the gamers - not that there are no good PC games these days, just this means has a lot of potential to bring more variety back to PC games.

Now, all we need is for someone to revive "Links" as a crowd-funded game. :)


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Can't wait for Obduction. When I found out about it I backed it immediately. The 2nd thing I did is purchase Myst for my iPad to relive the experience. The graphics are outdated, but still, the artistry of the game is astounding 20 years later...