Displays Need advice ASAP on dual GPU setup, for NvIdia 3 monitor use


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I'm looking for some advice ASAP on which setups would be suitable to allow my system to run 3 monitors in an extended desktop setup. I'm trying to buy of ebay, so I need to know which cards are suitable so that I don't miss bargains. Rather than give a wordy description I will give you a quick Idea of my setup,

I have a Palit GTX 460, using the PCIe2 x16 port on my mobo - this GPU will run my main gaming monitor.
I have a p7p55d le mobo, on which I have a PCIe one free port running at x4 speed, in which I want to instal my second GPU.

My main concern is that i'm running a directx11 on my PC an I was wondering if I needed another Dirrectx11 compatible card (such as nVidia 400 range), or would an older card (7000, 8000, or 9000 series) suffice?

In the end I will have, a 17" then a 23" and another 17" in that order setup on my desk. I intend to use the second GPU to run one of the end 17" monitors, with my 460 handleing the other two.

A list of cards compatible with my drivers can be found on this page:

Sorry if I seamed rude in explaining this, but I am in a hurry for various reasons and have tried to keep it concise.