Need cell phone drivers

By Professor122559 · 9 replies
Oct 22, 2008
  1. Hi! I hope someone can help me. I can't find the drivers anywhere to install my cell phone so that I can download my own ringtones. I have searched everywhere I can think of with no luck. I have a UTStarcom CDM 7126M cell phone and an Acer Aspire 5920 Notebook with Windows XP Pro. My computer recognizes my phone but can't locate the drivers to install it. HELP!!!
  2. geekygirl63

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    You may try going to your cellular provider to see if they have a CD which should have come with your system. I have been searching the web but no luck yet. Will keep looking. You can try the website Free but you have to sign up.
  3. Professor122559

    Professor122559 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your help.I appreciate you looking. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did.
  4. LookinAround

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    I think you're chasing a false hope.

    1. What makes you think you can do any wired data transfer with that phone?
    2. Take a closer look any reference between that phone and "download ringtones". All must refer to "over-the-air" downloads
  5. CCT

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    Google: UTStarcom CDM 7126M ringtones
  6. LookinAround

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    Yes. I already did that. But all i saw were hits generated by an internet full of accessory dealers trying to sell anything they can (and many who simply embeded tags - relevant or not - to create search engine hits)

    So i also searched for: the phone's specs, user/product manuals, wireless providers who sell it (Cricket and MCS PCS), 3rd party mobile software apps, and more.

    Also, did find someone with that same question posting to a forum just last month (after writing UTStarcom support)
  7. Professor122559

    Professor122559 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cell phone drivers

    If wired data transfer isn't possible with this phone, why would the computer recognize it and look for drivers. I know that the service provider I use has the capability of downloading/transferring the data from this phone to another. Also, when I try to get ringtones off the internet they are sent to my phone in a text message that for some reason never show up on my phone. As you can probably tell, I am fairly new to this world of technology but I am trying to learn. Please be patient with me. Thank you.
  8. CCT

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    I did find one place that purports to sell a usb cable and cd with drivers BUT I'll leave that to you (Google UTStarcom CDM 7126 USB cable driver )

    This forum is a GREAT place re cellphone knowledge:
  9. LookinAround

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    Awww… That's kind of like saying you’ve seen Bigfoot and could tell us where to find find him. But we should go hunt the Pacific Northwest for ourselves and have to find him that way? :D

    Can post more later to explain my current opinion based on what i found to date
    1. Your phone has a usb port from what i saw of it in a manual on one website. But appeared was only to support usb audio. i didn't see any mention of supporting usb data xfrs
    2. Data transfers today are often simply done "over-the-air" (along with the voice call) which most cell service providers like because they can control and charge you for that! So providing full data independence is not always attractive to the provider (which doesn't mean they don't do it.. varies case-by-case)
    3. In fact, Verizon is well known to disable functionality in their phones to restrict what you can xfr without going through them. (i use verizon and can cite specifics if you want such as some Bluetooth profiles are disabled in Verizon phones) So using the same make/model phone you may find different functionality between two different service providers
  10. CCT

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    Well, IF that site was to be a BAD site and I linked the poster to it I would be a BAD person SO I gave him the needed info to search.

    That is just how I am.

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