Need help creating a bootable install disk for XP SP3 to include newer patches

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Nov 5, 2009
  1. I know I have done this before but cannot find or remember how to. I want to create a new installation disk for XP Pro with SP3 and any subesequent critical and security updates and patches. The last one I created was in August 2008 and there are a lot of updates since then. It takes an additional hour or so to get a PC up and running with the latest and greatest patches.
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    Too much trouble. Download your Chipset and ethernet drivers, then let Windows Update install just about eveything else. The Microsoft Folks have finally done something right with updates so most of the work is done for you.
  3. JRzLady

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    time consuming

    I hear you, but when you have numerous laptops or PCs to load, the extra hour and a half of applying updates and rebooting each one can be frustrating. I know it can be done!
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    I wont tell you how to do it because I think you might be getting paid to do it... but I will at least tell you that what your looking to do is called "xp sp3 slipstreaming bootable install" try googling that and you should find "How" to do what your looking for.
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    Not sure what you are eluding to. I am a PC tech who works for a college. Sure I get paid. What does that have to do with anything? Anyway, I don't need to slipstream SP3 into an XP install. Been there, done that. I am trying to slipstream all updates and patches received after the latest SP3 build (dated May 2008). There are so many and they require several reboots to apply through Windows Updates. Just trying to save myself some time.
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    well in that case I would have to agree with previous posters in saying its not worth the trouble to create that disk. all I was saying before was that If your getting paid to do the job your also getting paid to do the work/research. I also know what your going through because I too work at a college in the IT department. Tell your college to look into a program called altiris by symantec if you really want to save your time. That however, would require a different skillset and might do you more harm than good if your not quick on adapting. Hope thats insightful and slightly less smug.
  7. JRzLady

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    Skillset is not an issue but money is. Thanks anyway.
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    You say you already have an older XP boot disk? Then all you need to is build a "slipstreamed" CD. The only "gotcha" is slipstreaming sometimes fails if you're slipstreaming an OEM CD (such as from HP or Dell) vs. one that came directly from MS (if you look at the folders on the CD there's an OEM folder on OEM CDs)

    just google slipstream nlite SP3

    /* edit */

    PS nlite is the freeware tool you want for slipstreaming. It allows you to add in all the individual updates you want as well as all of SP3
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