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By DjKraid
Apr 8, 2015
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  1. Hello there,

    So, I'm planning to build a new forum which will be for rating "people" (user profiles). The point with the page is for those who buy and sell stuff 2nd hand should have a place where they can "check" the buyer/seller if he/she has a profile...and what sort of feedback that "guy" has got.
    I have experience with xenForo but when I tried to ask "their" people a few questions the welcoming wasn't warm at all...quite the I'm not that willing on giving them my money, lets just say that I'm even willing to pay more just so that I don't have to have anything to do with those...the downside with this is that I knew exactly what plugin I would have liked to use and also what theme I would have wanted to start building on.
    Plugin: XenTrader

    So, I'm looking for some other forum "base" which would be similar to xenForo and it must have a plugin/addon which is similar to XenForo. It should also be able to let users register but their registrations shouldn't be accepted automatically, they should be managed manually. For this I (or some other moderator) should get a mail-notification. On the back-end (where users gets accepted) there should be the IP recorded for each user, this is required so that I/we can check where they are from due to the simple fact that the site will be "restricted" in the beginning for one or two countries.

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? -if so then please comment below.

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