Need help finding CPU compatability list for e-Machine T2240

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Oct 17, 2010
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  1. This is my first time posting so bear with me please. My 70 yr old mom has an eMachine T2240 with a Celeron 2.2G processor. I can't seem to find any way to identify the motherboard so I can upgrade the processor to something remotely modern. If anyone would know of any duo core that may work or how I could find the mobo identification I would greatly appreciate it. I spent 15 minutes in an online chat with eMachine support just to have them tell me I shouldn't change anything because it might cause issues! I guess they need to sell more computers. Thanks for any input.
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    For Once I Agree With Emachines Tech Support...

    Welcome to a long list of passersby who have posed this same question. The T-2240 carries the Intel 845 chipset, which is socket 478. There isn't even an Intel dual core CPU made in socket 478. This is "legacy" hardware, there isn't anything you could do to this machine by virtue of a processor, that would have much of a positive effect on its performance, and you need not to f*** with it.

    You couldn't find this: ...?

    Actually, this computer shipped with 128MBs of RAM. If this is still the amount installed, then bumping this up to 512MB or 1GB would be the best, safest, and most performance enhancing upgrade that could, or should, be made. And, at the age of this machine, it needs a new power supply, more than anything. No, a new PSU won't make it faster, but it might save the motherboard, if the OEM unit decides to go belly up.

    Emachines of this age are notorious for having issues with the motherboard failing, by virtue of bad capacitors. The fact that this machine is still running, might only be because of the fact that it receives only limited use. Or you are indeed, very, very lucky.
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    Thanks for answers on T2240 issues.

    I did upgrade the Ram to 1.5 G about a year ago , which helped for a while, but now just clicking on something like Control Panel or My Documents seems to take forever to open. I have run numerous defrags, disk cleaners and registry cleaner optimizers to no avail. I suppose I'll have to get her a new computer. ( I really don't look forward to trying to transfer all of her Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal etc. saved games to a new computer, but hey, she has been my mom for 54 yrs!
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    Well, the CPU is tentatively one of the last parts you should suspect of slowing the machine down. The CPU projected life cycle is 10 + years. More likely candidates, (assuming no malware), would be the motherboard or the HDD. If fact, this slow down can herald the failure of a mobo.

    When computers reach the age of the one in question, no matter what the upgrade performed, you still are walking a fine line between the desktop and the flea market.

    Any machine you buy today, will outperform this Emachines by orders of magnitude. This is with spending the same amount or less, than was spent on the T-2240.

    Windows 7 has a competent transfer wizard, so getting the data moved probably wouldn't be the chore you're imagining.
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    Emachines are rather prone toward motherboard failure, but I'd have to suspect the harddrive this time. Nearly all such slowdowns are caused by harddrives.
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    The trouble there is, the HDD is almost certainly IDE. Were it SATA, it would be less expensive to pop a drive in the machine, followed up by the restore disc(s), to test your theory. Which BTW, sounds good to me, although I don't know if it would fly with raybay All of this being said, even if it is the HDD, the board and the PSU have to be considered "maypops" as well.
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    Thanks for all the input. I just put together a new system for myself, so I think I'll give my mom my old one. Hopefully she can get by on a QX6850 OC'd to 3.6 on a 680i SLI mobo! I don't think Wheel of Fortune should push it to hard !! Thanks again for everyone's input. Dale
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    Great way to solve the issue... ditching the eMachines :)

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