Need help getting rid of viruses/malware

By ladyindigo
Sep 15, 2009
  1. I'll never trust AVG to catch an .exe again. D: Must've loaded at least 3 kinds of virus/malware on my computer, I know I had win32/heur and win32.virtob as well as a fake virus protector that mimics the logo of AVG, although I seem to have gotten rid of Windows XP's warnings about virtob and the fake virus protector (the name of which I'm really sorry I can't remember, I hope it's gone).

    Did all the stuff you recommended in the sticky. Attached all three of the files you asked for, as well as the viruses currently in my chest (I switched out AVG for Avast as you recommended)- they're attached to some .exes that I want, including an uninstall file for Sims 2, so I'd appreciate any insight on how to get rid of them. I'm an ***** at this stuff so very small words will be helpful. :)

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  2. ladyindigo

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    Bumping this - I'm about 95% sure your 8 steps cleared the viruses out, since I haven't gotten any of the errors, fake virus scanners, or links to pornotube that I was getting before I did what you suggested. But I do still have a few .exes in my virus chest, and I'd appreciate any tips on clearing or reinstalling these files, or if I should just delete what's there and be done with it. Also if you can see any lingering files in my logs where these viruses are hiding and might come back, I'd appreciate the help in making my computer more secure.
  3. ladyindigo

    ladyindigo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    *sigh* bumping this again, as you've helped pretty much everyone else except me can I please at least get a reply?

    I installed a printer and promptly had an exe from it in my Avast folder:

    Scanning of selected files

    Action was completed successfully!

    Virus has been detected!
    File Name: lxbkbmgr.exe
    FileID: 13
    Virus Description: Win32:JunkPoly [Cryp]

    Avast is also blocking me from accessing a malicious site,, when I sign on.

    Will post updated logs of the things you requested shortly.
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