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Need help installing a TechSpot download

By Kelibath
Nov 10, 2014
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  1. Hope I've put this in the right place!

    Anyway -

    Basically, I'm trying to download the Windows version of InDesign CS2 from this link -

    Firstly I'm wanting to check regarding the legality of this download, as TechSpot lists it as Freeware but I've read elsewhere that Adobe only released these free codes and downloads as technical support for CS2 owners. Is it free or legal to download, or not? And as a CS3 owner, can I use either CS2 aspects that I own or those that I don't own in CS3 form, due to having a newer version of the permanent license, in lieu of CS3?

    Presuming that I -can- have it for free, though:

    The second question is more TechSpot technical help related. Basically, when I go to install InDesign, the downloaded .exe file unpackages itself into a temporary folder. All well and good so far, but after it has done so, when it attempts to self-check the installer validity, it sends up an error message about 'no space left on drive C' and closes when that message is clicked through.

    For reference, I'm running a 1TB hybrid HDD with over 700GB free space. I've installed Illustrator CS2 from this exact same site earlier today with no errors whatsoever, using a self-extracting installer with the exact same methodology.


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