Need help to factory reset my Iqon laptop please

By db123
Sep 22, 2010
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  1. HI Guys

    I am trying to factory reset my Iqon Laptop, NOT due to a critical windows error, but I want to start afresh, get rid of everything (old virus' etc) and hopefully make the Laptop run smoother. (ie back to the way I bought it).

    These are the steps I have already tried (but please bare in mind, my Internal Disc Drive does not work)

    1- Attached External DVD Drive, and put in my Windows XP Re-Installation CD. This came with the laptop.

    2- Changed BIOS to load from CD first

    3- Pressed F10, F12, F11, F2 in boot up to get to a recovery mode, but only got lists of safe mode and set up etc.

    4- Transferred all Installation CD data to a USB Memory Stick and changed BIOS to USB first.

    But nothing seems to work. Windows just always seems to start up.

    The closet I have got is to go into the files on the recovery disc and launch it from windows, but this gets 1/2 way through something and then stops.

    Also when I try with the USB stick, windows does not launch, but nothing happens, black screen.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but wanted to say what I have already tried.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


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