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Need help to setup home network with multiple Access Points or Routers

Oct 11, 2010
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  1. Hi! Im trying to improve my home network. Currently I have the modem and wireless router setup in my basement with one computer hardwired to the router and multiple laptops spread throughout the house. However the laptops at the top of my house do not have good signal.

    My house is wired with ethernet cabling throughout the house and walls. What I want to do is to take advantage of this wiring and setup multiple routers or AP's throughout house (not sure about difference). Also to even allow some laptops to connect with an ethernet cable rather than wireless.I am not sure how to do this currently.

    All the ethernet cableing converge in my garage as an unfinished mess (see pic). I wanted to run a cable from my router to a plug in the wall which would take the signal to my garage. I would then need some kind of device like a hub or switch but i am not sure what kind of device. I was hoping it would then distribute the signal to the other wires and send it throuought the house. I then wanted to connect another device that would like another router or AP in a another part of the house but am unsure what kind of device and how to do so.

    If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,795   +1,510

    With Ethernet wiring available you have some nice choices;
    1. use wires to access remote locations
    2. and place wireless in the room(s) needed
    Likely you can just wire to each floor and the garage and then let the wireless be accessed from those locations.

    The Modem==>#1Router can control all the DHCP assignments and assuming that you only need four remote locations, you can use a 4-port router. If you need more than four, you will need a Switch, eg
    modem==router---switch-- four connections
             +---- three more connections
    Each port from the router is wired to an Access Point or a WiFi router (doesn't matter so use whatever you have). The trick is
    • disable the dhcp in each Wifi device
    • attached the ethernet from #1Router to any LAN slot on the WiFi (leaving its Wan slot empty)
    This will place all the WiFi on the same subnet as #1 router and sharing et al works across the board :)

    WiFi setups:
    start with just one to get the setup running and then you can use that as a template to
    config the others. When performing this task, ALWAYS connect a pc to the Wifi device with a cable!

    a) change the SSID to something unique to you but not obviously name, address ,,, (
    you could add a suffix to it to identify one from the other

    b) set a unique channel on each WiFi router to reduce interferrence.
    (if you're using a DSL service, then make sure all phones in the house have a new filter attached)

    c) enable encryption (WPA2 or WPA in that order) and set the passphrase (can be the same for all wifi devices)

    d) for heaven's sake, change the admin password and save it.
    (this will disconnect your PC from the device being configure so don't be shocked)

    disconnect from the Wifi device and attempt a wireless connection.
    Once this works, you can repeat for each of the others.

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