Need Help with computer viruses such as Darksma and Vundo

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Dec 12, 2008
  1. Please Help Me,
    My computer had recently obtained lots of Spyware and Malware such as Darksma, Vundo, Internet Speed Monitor.icheck, Agent.RHO, and VXgame. I have used many antivirus scanning material but have been unable to remove any of this stuff. I found most of the names and problems using STOPzilla, but do not have a credit card and I am unable to pay and remove these issues. In the mean time, is it safe for me to search the internet and log onto email and such? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you -stefan
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  3. stefan123

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    Finished 8 steps

    Ok, so I finished the 8 steps but my computer still shows that I have a few viruses such as Vundo.Q and Darksma and Internet Speed Monitor.iCheck. Here are the logs that came up after Malwarebytes and Hijack this. I could not find the log for superantispyware.
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    I would suggest removal (must be un-install) of:
    Search & Destroy

    If it were my computer, I would also un-install McAfee Internet Security
    Think of it this way, it didn't save you this time, and just slows down your system
    You can use the free Avira instead (and better for it ;)

    Then re-run CCleaner
    Then Restart
    Then re-run Malwarebytes again (note: you must first update it on the third tab)
    Malwarebytes will likely find and ask to remove more issues

    A full Avira Antivirus scan, wouldn't hurt either :)
  5. stefan123

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    I will uninstall STOPZilla and Search and Destroy right away and run the other programs again. But what do you mean by "malwarebytes (note: you must first update it on the third tab)" Also, thank you so much for helping me so far. I will reply as soon as possible
  6. stefan123

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    I un-installed spybot search and destroy but I was unable to remove "Tea Timer" part of spybot. I noticed that Avira does not protect against adware and spyware, but is this correct? I decided to keep STOPzilla because it does protect against these things, but I would like your opinion once more.

    Attached is the new logs, malwarebytes and superantispyware detected nothing, but STOPzilla scan still shows 24 infections. The infections are Darksma, Vundo.Q, Internet Speed Monitor.iCheck, and Virus Alert. If you have anything else that can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you for your time.


    Here they are
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