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Jan 7, 2014
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  1. I recently upgraded graphics and psu in my pc...from integrated hd4200 and some crappy psu to hd7850 and alpine 600w...How can I safely oc my cpu so it will minimize slowing down my graphics until I change cpu for an phenom965 in a few months and can I get my graphic card to work with integrated one in crossfire and would it benefit in better gaming performance?

    And yeah I use stock cooling with 3x large fan case (one on the side where graphic card is, I twisted it so it takes the air out of the case)the pc is in normal room temperature, and I hv 3 thermometers on ram, cpu, and hdd, neither of those temperatures never exceeded 45 Celsius and there is no heat problem on the cpu what so ever.
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  2. GhostRyder

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    Umm im very confused, your saying the previous Integrated CPU Graphics was the HD 4200, the problem right there is that we cant see exactly which CPU you have because Both Intel and AMD have a chip that will use an HD 4200 (AMD was with a 765g Motherboard and Intel is in the HAswell series CPU). Basing this off the fact you said upgrading to a 965, im going to assume that you have an AMD CPU. That being said unless you have a black edition CPU or a 890/990FX Chipset which it does not sound like you have, you cant overclock the CPU.

    Can you tell us exactly which CPU you have specifically?

    Also if you are running the stock heatsink, overclocking is extremely limited. It would overheat if really pushed anywhere on the stock heatsink.

    My other thing is a Phenom 965 is not an upgrade by todays standards anymore as its a very dated CPU. You might want to just grab a new motherboard and an FX 4300 cpu or an FM2+ motherboard and an A10 CPU.
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  3. hopgop1

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    I cannot express my concern enough for that power supply you bought, Alpine make "crappy PSUs" for example there is one on 600w for £20, I am not saying that you are in danger (or more likely your system is) but if you can I would personally get a trusted name brand power supply e.g Seasonic, Corsair, etc. I am just saying that if you value your system like I do mine you will invest in a better power supply, because if that one fails the chances are it will take your components with it.
  4. majoo

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    Damn sorry guys I thought that if I'll show my system specs in my profile at this forum that will do...
    so I am running athlon x2 240 on asus m4a785td-v-evo with 2x4gb corsair xms3 1600mhz in dual and xfx hd7850 2gb DD core edition...I sow that psu produces 34A on 12V and it was actually 12 quid for a new one so I gave it a try...I would change my psu when cpu upgrade time comes
  5. mailpup

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    Yes, that is usually sufficient. You did nothing wrong. Unlike you, most new members don't seem to bother and old members get used to it and forget to check. Can't really fault the old members though.

    Referring to your profile should be enough but repeating your specs within your post does no harm either.

    Welcome to TechSpot, BTW.
  6. majoo

    majoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is what I actually thought was the case...Thank You for having me at the forum
  7. majoo

    majoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I do like that FX 4300 and I found a new one for 70 quid but I'll need new mobo at first as mine asus m4a785td-v-evo don't supports am3+ just am3 socket I was thinking about that one £50 ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
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  8. GhostRyder

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    Yea sorry, I assume most new members dont fill it out so I forget to check that. My bad in that sense, I should have looked there.

    If your going to upgrade, my suggestion would be to grab an FM2+ motherboard because by the way things are going, AM3+ is being dropped completely so support is going to be going down a bit. Try grabbing an FM2+ motherboard and you can get an APU or a CPU on that board like the A10 or the Athlon X4 (New model Athlon).
  9. majoo

    majoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi all...I got myself a proper psu coolermaster 600B it produces 47a on 12 v I'll get a fm2+ mobo with cpu in few months but for now one I hv to use my asus m4a785td-v-evo with athlon x2 240...any sugestions how to oc that cpu to minimize its bottlenecking of my xfx hd7850 DD core edition?
  10. GhostRyder

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    Well that CPU is supposed to be unlocked @red1776 had posted helping someone earlier on this thread do the same thing (years back now) that has some help. But heres what you need to do in general:

    Start the computer, go to the bios, and bump up the multiplier by small increments along with the voltage. According to the reports, 3.5 - 3.8 is the usual range for this processor. You can try this, however on the stock heatsink your pushing your luck, I would not go beyond 3.2 or you might risk burning up the CPU.
  11. majoo

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    Ok than this is how I've done it... vcore 1.475v, fsb 240mhz,cpu multiplier x13.5, clock is on 3240 mhz and ram 800, ht2160mhz ...after 20 min playing skyrim(ultra settings) I had 48c on cpu and 45c on graphic but the ram goes over this how I should do that oc?
  12. GhostRyder

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    Yes, well if your temps are that low, then by all means push it though make sure your monitoring while in-game your CPU temps. As long as you stay below the level of 70C, then you are more than fine.

    Normally what I do is overcompensate the voltage and bump the clocks to what im looking for (Not by too much mind you on the Voltage), then check stability, if its stable, I drop the vcore down 2 notches and try again. I rinse and repeat till its unstable then bump it to the lowest stable voltage to keep the temps down.

    Try using a program like prime95 to test stability, it stresses the CPU to its max to check for stability.
  13. majoo

    majoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ...I've set it up like this.. cpu multiplier x14, vcore 1.44, fsb240, clock 3360mhz and played skyrim on ultra settings for about an hour with 75 fps and all thermometers stays below 50C I also stressed both cpu's with amd overdrive stability test...I'am happy with it and I'll stay with that oc...Thank You all for help!!! especially for talking mi in to buying new psu.

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