Build a PC Need help with (might be) PSU/MB problem

First of all, my config:

MB: Crosshair IV Formula (BIOS v3029)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2ghz (stock) with Zalman's cnps11x cooler.
RAM: 8GB (2x4) AMD Performance Edition
GPU: ATI HD6970 with Accelero Xtreme III cooler.
SSD: Corsair Force GT 120gb (system) and 250GB Samsung HDD
PSU: Corsair GS600
1400VA SMS Nobreak

As follows:

I have been using this desktop for quite a while (3 to 4 years) and never had a single hardware problem. Every time I turned the nobreak on, the case fans AND cpu fan would spin in full speed and stop, before letting me turn the computer on.

A few days ago, it stopped happening, and when turning the computer on, the cpu fan was taking too long to start (twitching a few times as if it were trying to but not doing so), sometimes resulting in an error, but then I pressed F1 and things would go forward and the PC would work just fine. Also worth noticing, I didn't use to hear the cpu cooler's speed going up and down so often before as it was doing. Up until yesterday, this was the single issue, but now it is causing my computer to reboot.

So far, this is what I tried: Removing cables from Nobreak and going straight from wall/line filter -> No good
Removing VGA cables -> No good.
Went to BIOS settings and enabled Q-FAN so that my cpu cooler stays in a lower level: THIS has solved the rebooting issue.
Ran Prime95 (blend) for hours long just to ensure CPU and RAM are fine, no errors at all.
Cable connections are all checked and ok.

From what I gathered so far, this seems to be an issue with my PSU, which is making it not provide sufficient power anymore. Unfortunately, I don't have a close friend with a gaming PC, and neither do I trust computer stores from my town, so I would have to buy a new PSU to replace it.

Any light on this issue would be HEARTHLY appreciated, as I need to gather as much information as I can before proceding any further. Also, could this also be a MB issue not succesfully managing things?

Thank you in advance,



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It doesn't sound like a mobo issue, but I don't know what it could be. Try to make sure nothing is lose inside your computer with PROPER SURROUNDINGS (No carpet, grounded, etc.)