Need help with unknown user in my network


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I have a lynksis wrt400n wireless router. I noticed today that there is a user named 'scotty-PC' in my network.

I do have it password protected.

I'm thinking the easiest way would be to shut off the wireless if that is possible. My wife and I are both hardwired into the router anyways.

How do I go about shutting off the wireless signal from the router?

Thank you in advance!


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use your browser to reconfig the router - - use the IP address as a URL
login: leave user name empty, password is admin
(obviously this needs to be changed too - - read on)

the Users Guide is here

Option one would be to DISABLE the radio - - read thru to find that

Option two would be to use WiFi Mac Filtering; -- pg 14
This option will allows ONLY defined systems access, so set a dummy, like the MAC
address of your wired NIC

Before you quit, DISABLE remote management on port 8080
and CHANGE that admin password


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Sounds like Scotty-PC has tap into your bandwidth and using your network for his purpose. Follow the suggestion above.

Always change your router password monthly and use codes that won't be easy to figure out. Passcode (password) wireless too. Don't leave it open. But default WiFi is on.