Need help


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Hello Mr.neeyik
need help for monitor I have RTX 2060 super card I need monitor what monitor type I need for gaming and movies .


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Hello. I am not @neeyik but I can give help that probably isn't as good, but still something. You want a 144hz or 240hz monitor because that GPU is powerful enough to run most modern games at 144 with the correct settings. If you need one really badly, then you can get one right now. But if you already have one that is just not as good, you probably want to wait because this is a really bad time to buy anything tech related. You want to get a nice one that is good for gaming and last a while. You probably want to get a monitor with different modes because you will want your monitor set at different settings when you watch a movie. Not mandatory but it will make it more enjoyable. If you need, I can give recommendations, but all you have to do is go to your favorite tech website and search up 144hz or 240hz gaming monitor. Also for future reference you can @mention someone and they will be able to find your topic and answer your question more quickly and easily. Hope this helps!