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Nov 24, 2013
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  1. So up until now I have been using headphones with my pc. They still work but I want to get some nice speakers too. I have a budget range of $100 - $150 and live in the continental U.S. What I want is the best bang for my buck at that budget range. Having them be surround sound would be great and my sound card is the Xonar DG. I will also be looking at speakers but anyones expertise is always welcome as I do not know much about sound systems. Thank you ahead of time for any help.

    Also, the only other speakers I have had are cheap $20 ones that had horrible echo and just sounded odd. I just don't want to spend that much money and have speakers that do that.
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    The above are indeed okay. The other option is to buy a good quality home theatre amp and speakers, but this will cost you more than $150.
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    Well, after thinking for a while the idea of spending more money on speakers to get better quality seems great. So I think I want to buy these speakers:
    The logitech z906's. Before I spend that much money I just want to know if there are any problems with them, any better speakers for the same price and if they will work with my sound card which is in my first post. Once again thank you all for your help.
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    Those speakers are generally pretty good bang for buck. But the older gen of that model is substantially better. A home theatre setup would be better quality.

    Alas, your options are limited mostly to the Logitech analogue speakers, since your sound card is not compatible with other options (if using surround).
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    I'll have to look around some more but amazon jacked up the price of the z5500's from about $250 to $700 for the holidays >_>. Also, if you were to reccomend a sound card that can utilise all of it's features what would it be? What home theatre unit would you reccomend? I built my own pc but know next to nothing about speakers and audio so sorry for all of the questions. All I know is that I want speakers that can be very loud and sound amazing for games, music, and movies. Thanks again.

    Edit: Currently my max budget is $440. Would this card utilise all of the speakers features?
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    The logitechs and any other 'pc speaker' will work fine, due to using analogue inputs. You don't need to change your sound card if using these speakers.

    If you want to purchase a better quality receiver/speakers in a home-theatre package, you will need a sound card that will output Dolby Digital Live via optical (and a compatible receiver).

    For instance, there's some decent quality Yamaha systems selling for $299, and a sound card is maybe $150? Your linked card has DDL, so is good for use on home theatre receivers.
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    Alright, just to be clear I just want to check a few things in case I misunderstood.
    - Using the z906's I won't need to get a new sound card.
    - Will I need to buy any kind of cable's? Or do I only need optical cables if I get a home theatre system?
    - Not that you would know exactly, but how far do you think I should keep all of the speakers away from my pc and monitor since they'll have massive magnets in them.
    - For someone who at best has had $20 speakers but has bought nice headphones before. Do you think I'll notice a serious difference?

    For now if I get speakers I'll start off with z906's or z5500's. I know there are theatre systems that sound much better but I'll start off with these and eventually move up to a better system. Thanks again for your help, otherwise I might be wasting money not know what I am buying.
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    Answered above, in caps.

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