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Jul 9, 2006
  1. Will all socket 478 processors work in 478 motherboards? I need to replace the board in my moms eMachine. It has a 2.6 Celeron on a 400mhz bus. The board I want to get is an Asrock P4i65G that says it supports Prescott, Northwood and Willamette but its bus speeds are 533/800mhz. Can I just underclock the board or change multipliers like on AMD boards? Thanks
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    every 865 Chipset I have seen supports 400\533\800mhz FSB CPU's.
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    Some times a fast FSB chip will work on a FSB board. But is it usually a better idea if your board only supports 400Mhz FSB then stay with 400 Chips. As the others said though if you have a board that supports 800MHz FSB you should be able to plug just about anything in there and it should work. Although still be careful some 800MHz chipset have stopped supporting 400 FSB. Doesn't always mean that it won't work if you try it though.
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    that is odd that the product features page only states:
    yet the P4i65G's CPU support list includes 400MHz FSB models, including the 478 celeron 2.60GHz 400MHz L2-128KB Northwood.

    I would assume that since the CPU support list states it will support it than you'll be fine, but you may want to email ASRock before you buy it just to be sure.
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