Need to buy a good laptop under $550

By Dean Harvey
Aug 23, 2014
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  1. Hi, I need to buy a good laptop under 550$. My requirements are given below.

    1. Should be capable of playing games like FIFA 2014,15, VIRTUA TENNIS.
    2. Viewing angles should be good.
    3. If its backlit its good. Not very important.
    4. Procesor can be AMD or i5.

    Some of my findings are:
    --> got a 120$ off coupon
  2. The HP 15-F009WM doesn't have an optical drive but has a AMD Radeon Graphics card already installed with virtualization technology and it's going for real cheap at I think the price is at $229 for an open box. The HP-15039WM includes an optical drive but may not come with the Radeon Graphics card, however it has a turbo processing boost just for gaming of up to 2.41 GHZ and it is priced around $319 at the same site. The HP touchscreen is the latest model with the same processing speed and it around $380. You can also get the same features with the ASUS for around $50 less however the brand name of Asus is a little less well known than HP but it's probably like the difference between buying name brand and no name brand. Asus has some good quality ones for a low price.

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