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Need to update BIOS without floppy

By grilledpanda
Apr 29, 2011
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  1. Hello,

    Motherboard: GA-8VT880P Combo(rev. 2.x)
    Current CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz
    Target CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz/8m/1066/05a
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
    RAM: 2x Corsair DDR2 2GB
    OS: Windows 7 32-bit
    Hard Drive: 500gb Seagate
    Power Supply: Antec 'Earthwatts' 500W Max

    Hello, i am about to lose it. So i have the configuration as stated and i am trying to update the bios so that an 'intel core 2 quad 2.4ghz/8m/1066/05a' works because that particular processor is listed on the cpu support list for my motherboard however when i try to use it, i get a blank screen on startup, no bios, no nothing. I narrowed it down to the bios because i also tried an 'intel core 2 duo 6600 2.4ghz/4m/1066/06' and had the same problem, blank screen on startup and no bios. So thats why at the moment i have a pentium d in, because it worked. so i figured since the core 2 quad is on the support list but isnt working, i should update the bios. i downloaded the latest version (FD) and tried to run the .exe from my desktop of windows 7 but got the error "This system does not support fullscreen mode. Choose “Close” to terminate the application." Fine, so i noticed 'qflash' in the bios area and realised thats the method of my current bios and went into it by pressing delete to enter setup then F8 for qflash. Options were ‘keep DMI data Enable’ (with the option to disable, I don’t know what DMI data is), ‘save bios to floppy’ or ‘update bios from floppy’. So I grab a floppy drive and plug it in, one that I know is working from trying it on another pc. The floppy drive doesn’t work, it doesn’t register a floppy drive nor in windows 7 or in qflash. Turns out my input connecter for floppy seems to be busted on my motherboard. Reason I think this is because I tried my power supply plugged into the floppy drive then the floppy ide into another pc’s motherboard input and turned them on at the same time and I got the green light on the floppy drive working which means it’s the input on my motherboard, not my power supply nor the cable. It seems the only way to update the bios is via floppy, I tried putting the files onto a DVD and booting it but it didn’t read any files as bootable. I tried a usb but the only option in qflash is floppy AND THE MOTHERBOARD FLOPPY CONNECTER IS BUSTED! I cant seem to do anything without it!

    What do I do? Is there another way of updating my bios, I NEED to have support for a core 2 quad!

    Why does my floppy input not work! Its just one problem after another! Do such faults warrant repair from gigabyte?

    Could a usb floppy be an option? Would my primitive bios see a usb floppy as a floppy?
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,096   +418

    You didn't read the support list properly. The Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Duo processors are not supported. See here: http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/cpu-support-popup.aspx?pid=1937 The N/A in the "Since BIOS Version" column means not supported. See the red note in the upper left of the page?

    So you are wasting your time trying to update the BIOS. There's no point.
  3. grilledpanda

    grilledpanda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh jees, thanks mate, i appreciate that. Makes no sense why they would list all these non compatible processors.

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