Need to watch movies from my hard disk in PS3

By lefterinho
Jul 18, 2011
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  1. Hello people. I see a nice work on your site!
    I have a question you could help i suppose.

    I am not very good on computer and technology stuff but i can do the basic things!

    So thats my problem:
    I have a Playstation 3 and i bought a hard disk of 1T so i can move the movies i download in my desctop to the playstation.
    So i filled up the usb hard disk with movie but the PS3 doesnt recognise it at all. So i searched in the internet and read in general that i have to convert my hard disk to FAT32 and some other people said that in Windows XP (thats what i have in my desktop as well) cant do this for more than 32GB.

    So my question is, . Do i have any chance to make the entire disk work at my PS3 by any way? If yes , can you please write me the steps to do that.?

    thanks in advance

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