Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan's vaccine 'disinformation'

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To protect my car from others and those who don't have insurance. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself get vaccinated, if you don't want to. one forces people to own car insurance. The same should be with the vaccine.

Great example in siding with having your own choice and option to pick.
State law, I'm fined if I don't have insurance, and the car is subject to impound (I don't know that it usually IS impounded but it's on the table.). Absolutely people are forced to own car insurance.


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State law, I'm fined if I don't have insurance, and the car is subject to impound (I don't know that it usually IS impounded but it's on the table.). Absolutely people are forced to own car insurance.
Not every state requires it, New Hampshire and Virginia do not require it but it is recommended


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Freedom to choose is not the same thing as exempt from consequences. This distinction is a stumbling block for many, as a general thing.


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No, there are people on both sides of the argument, both sides of the aisle and both sides of the class paradigm screaming loud and stirring the pot. Your reaction, like that of the other poster who quoted me, merely shows how polarized you are. I on the other hand, am not and have not picked a side because my stance is simply that I do what I want because I can. Whether or not anyone agrees with things I choose to say, do and believe has no bearing on my heading because, as an American, I am free. Still.
You put up so much crap, vagaries, and pseudo philosophical bullsh!t at times, you make it difficult not to take you to task.

Now, if I were to draw the same type of conclusion about you, that you have drawn about everyone else in this 'discussion', I would perceive you as a 'militant liberal', all too eager to side against whomever posted last, simply to maintain your self perceived illusion of mental and emotional superiority.

And if you agree with the principle, ""I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it", I guess you'll have to humor me.


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Except... it is illegal to drive a car without insurance... and your insurance pays for the other car you smash into... so yes... it actually is a good comparison :)

Pandemics aren't a case of human rights... you getting sick affects ME... when you take up a hospital bed that I might need... that's a problem... GET VACCINATED!
Of course you do realize that the numbers out of the UK and Scotland show that the vaccinated are far more vulnerable to the omicron variant.


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This vaccine doesnt prevent infection. How do people not now this by now?
Yes it does, in a great many instances. Aren't you tired of whining about getting a shot? Pull up your big-boy pants. And take some remedial spelling lessons.


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Here everyone I will do the simple math so everyone can be at ease with this covid vaccine nonsense, since someone here has nothing better to do but try to brainwash us all. These are the numbers that count.

World Pandemic as of 1/23/22
World 352.51 million cases – 5,616,227 deaths (1.59%)
US 71.93 million cases – 889,197 deaths (1.24%)

You tell me if these numbers are truly scary compared to worst things out there and things people actually die from daily. Thank you all that follow the fact and aren't controlled by the media or the far left like some on here are.

Have a great day!
Well, as the third highest death rate in the US (2020), yeah, I'd say that's scary. The top two are heart disease and cancer, neither of which is contagious. Given that influenza/pneumonia are 1/7 the mortality rate as Covid, I don't think being cautious is being "brainwashed".


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Of course you do realize that the numbers out of the UK and Scotland show that the vaccinated are far more vulnerable to the omicron variant.
Many people have also been citing one preprint Danish study that showed vaccine protection against Omicron becoming negative (in other words, making you more vulnerable to Omicron). This data does not mean that people who are vaccinated from Omicron are more likely to get it. It requires further interpretation considering context, including the following:

  1. Different behavior or exposure patterns in the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated are likely causing an underestimation of the vaccines’ effectiveness. In other words, given that vaccinated people are engaging in riskier behaviors such as travel and indoor dining, it’s difficult to directly compare the two groups.
  2. It is possible that vaccinated people are testing more, which would result in a higher representation of case numbers among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.

People are also misinterpreting a Danish report to mean that vaccination puts you at higher risk for Omicron than not being vaccinated. In many places, more people are vaccinated than those who are unvaccinated. As a result, data that is presenting absolute case numbers and not dividing that number by the total number of people in each group should be interpreted with caution, given that they aren’t taking into account the number of people.


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Neil Young's a good Canadian boy 🇨🇦. He makes us proud! :D
Much in the way of Bob Dylan's material, the only good Neil Young song, is a Neil young song done by someone else:


PS, I failed to grasp Joni Mitchell as well. (Well maybe the "parking lot" thing).. And yes, "Both Sides Now", is well.

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What about Gordon Lightfoot and "Stompin'" Tom Connors? :laughing:
Heeeeere's Gordon:
I swear he's had that Guild 12 string since at least 1979

You lost me at "Stompin' Tim"

As depressing historical songs go, (IMO), "Wreck" comes in 2nd to Al Stewart's "Roads to Moscow".(**) There's a big twist though. The ending is simultaneously joyful and apocalyptic:

(**) The inception and ultimate failure of Hitler's "Operation Barbarossa"

The video is blocked here. It's very much worth a look at YouTube


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When you spend a bit of time on reddit or youtube, you get a lot of videos from America of people arguing about the vaccine or shooting each other. I kinda assumed they're just snippets of the bad bits of America and generally, it's not really that bad.

I think this comment section is a bit of proof it might actually be that bad over there.
Even when handed a completely free vaccine that could potentially save their life "Na, violates ma freedoms!" "AMERICA! F*CK YEAH! COMIN' TO SAVE THE MOTHERF*CKIN DAY YEAH!".

It's genuinely incredible. I kinda get how trump got into power now, god I miss the orange man.

Could you imagine if COVID had been a lot worse and was much more deadly? Half of America would have perished because "My Body, My Rights, If I die from COVID, then I'll die a free man!".


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Yep... go Florida... your case count has risen to 400,000 per WEEK... good to see... it's thanks to places like this that Covid will continue to spread and kill...

Nothing like simply pretending there isn't a problem to make the world a better place, right?
Covid will spread because it is a virus, and it will continually change year after year as it has since the beginning of viruses. People are absolutely possessed by it at this point. I never would have imagined, in all my life, that so many "Americans" would become germ nazis like this. This is not about a virus, it is about isolating the Independant thinkers from the easily manipulated. Ive had it, and it was bad, but I have also been that sick years ago. People get sick and they sometimes die from that sickness, nothing has changed except the outrage.


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I did... but I will repeat it... because the vaccine still prevents transmission of variants other than Omicron. And that the more people who are protected (see: vaccinated), the less strained our hospitals will be - which might be useful if I ever need to use one.... not to mention the more cases WORLDWIDE, the more mutations could occur, perhaps leading to variants that our vaccines don't protect against....
I mean, to be honest, I don't ever recall hospitals NOT being full.... You can say they are full of covid patients, or will be full of them, but at the end of the day nothing has changed except the diagnosis. It used to be viral pneumonia, and older people with weakened immune systems would die from it.


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And if your case rate INCREASES, then, even if the death rate is really low, what do you think is going to happen with DEATHS?

Not to mention hospitalizations - and when your hospitals fill up, people who are sick with "other stuff" may also die because there is no one to treat them...

And yes, there are some LIMITED treatments for Covid - but they are not widely available - and the more cases there are, the less available treatments there will be!

Oh... last point... Florida has lost over 64,000 people from Covid... that's a LOT of people!

Possession is real with this one
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