Neowin: Hands-on with Microsoft's new Lumia 730 and 830


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Earlier today, Microsoft announced three new additions to its Windows Phone range: the Nokia Lumia 830, Lumia 735 and Lumia 730 (although the latter two are different versions of the same device - the 735 with 4G LTE connectivity, and the 730 with 3G...

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An excellent article which details features and compared the new models to predecessors while openly stating some shortcomings, without needless comparisons to iPhones.

Great to see.


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Push is on for 4G LTE now my Lumia 520 only has 4G. I looking to upgrade but so many models are out already..


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They sound pretty nice and all but is so difficult to choose a phone nowadays with so many different makes, models and price points to choose from. Us sensible non iFans are so spoiled for choice but at the end of the day no matter which one you choose they all wind up doing the same thing, just some do it better than others.
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