Nero DVD burning problem

By pyari
Mar 7, 2008
  1. after successful burning one dvd movie then nero occur a error message while buring another one......

    [13:13:29] DVDEngine ERROR
    [13:13:29] DVDEngine cause: 128 (nmc_processing_exception)
    [13:13:29] DVDEngine source: DEGuardNMCConversion
    [13:13:29] DVDEngine description: SEH EXCEPTION caught during INeroMediaConverter::DoConversion().

    What is this error for? Can anyone suggest me?
    Thx in advance.
  2. dAN27893

    dAN27893 TS Rookie

    Nero burning error

    After burning 100's of DVDs with Nero6 I got this same error. I was using several source .avi files with some simple editing in Nero. I tried burning each of the .avi movies singly (without editing and without menus). I then replaced the .avi files in my project with the new DVD files. It worked fine after doing this.
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