Nero vision has stopped burning

By gothicman
Jan 17, 2009
  1. right here we go!::-i have had the nero 7 software suite bout a year now. and it was working fine uptill just before christmas.. now i can not burn any of my blank dvd's using nero vision ,
    Here's what happens:- i put a brand new blank dvd + rw or -rw into the dvd rewiter and make the appropriate menus and buttons then i always preveiw the avi before burning!! then i go to my computer and set my dvd /rw drive to enable cd writing on that drive.. then start the burn!!! then i usaully leave the dvd to burn while i do other things. but when i come back to the pc to see if it has burned ok .the whole process has been completed but has froze , and i can not abort or click on any of the nero links or buttons .. so i have to either reset or shutdown the pc to return to normal
    has anyone had the same problem or knows what has happened ??
    any querys would be gratefully recieved ..
    thank you . tony
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