Netflix to deliver Adult Swim, Cartoon Network content in March

Shawn Knight

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Netflix has signed new licensing deals with Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. Television Group that will provide the streaming video service with a wealth of new content for its paid subscribers. New programming is schedule to arrive on March 30...

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If Microsft were smart, they would buy netflix now, and work out all the content rights with all the major studios and give customers what they want. but we all know Microsoft isn't smart, and netflix has about as much bargaining power as a lost kid in the candy store. so we customers are left to wait until the ocean runs dry, and polar bears die.


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Netflix, getting NEW content that might actually be worth watching? I never thought I'd see the day.


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Awww, I wanted Cowboy Bebop.

And what's up with Disney getting friendly with their licenses? They used to hold their property under the strongest lock and key. Now they're friendly to consumers?! Must have put some smarter folk in big chairs there.

I'd watch the Chuck series again. Good show.


There are plenty of ways to watch Netflix on a Linux distribution, but I'll let you Google that for yourself.


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Well, that's just odd! Maybe its because I only have Netflix Streaming? I searched for "Cowboy Bebop" and I don't see it as a show that's available to watch. But there's plenty of other cowboy movies, even black and white films going back to the mid 1900's.


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You know what, I was thinking of "Samurai Champloo". Don't ask me how I got that confused with Cowboy Bebop. I'm at work so I'm not smoking anything...


666 Park Avenue, really now lol

Good to see some classics coming in. I would absolutely love for the hanna-barbera classics to be out on it. I think I heard that cartoon network let their contract expire with those cartoons. Either way, I'd love paying for netflix just for that feature than getting digital cable just to have boomerang, which deoesn't come with the basic packages I've seen so far :(