Netgear wireless?

By bhalaska
Mar 10, 2009
  1. Purchased a netgear wireless card for my laptop and a netgear wireless router yesterday but had problems picking up a signal?

    We have cable internet so I ran a DSL cable from the cable modem to the router, but I'm wondering which port I am supposed to plug into, 1thru 4 or the LAN connection?

    I thought I tried everything but still couldn't seem to pick-up a wireless signal on our desktop. Have the card installed in the back of the computer w/the antenna screwed in.

    Any help??
  2. LookinAround

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    just for reference, the Netgear documentation should have some nice and helpful pictures (as well as some Wizards to walk you through setup). You'll likely find them on your installation CD OR simply go their website and click to support.

    As to your specific questions...
    1. just to clarify a minor point of terminology: You're using an ethernet cable to connect your router and cable modem.
      => DSL would actually describe the type of modem (i.e. a cable modem vs. DSL modem)
      => You'd also use an ethernet cable to connect a DSL modem to your router
    2. As for connections (all of these connections use ethernet cables)
      => The router ports labeled LAN 1 to 4 for connecting each of your computers to your home LAN (which is being created by the router)
      => There should be one port on the router labeled WAN (for Wide Area Network) or Internet that you connect to your cable (or DSL) modem
    3. It's advised you first prove you can establish a wired connection from your computer to Internet via your router.
      => Many fewer variables to deal with in wired connections
      => Once you've established the wired connection works THEN establish wireless connection
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