Network connection drops intermittently

By miken68
Jun 14, 2011
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  1. Setup-
    T1 --> Sonicwall Router --> 3 Linksys Switches (ef3124) -->
    Small Business Network, 40 Workstations & growing (ranging xp pro, vista home-pro, 7 pro), 3 network printers & 1 server (win server 2003) running as DNS.

    Situation -
    Most workstations are independently owned by the employee. About half are connected to the domain, half are not.

    2 stations specifically lose internet connection intermittently (ipconfig /release /renew usually fixes, sometimes requires cat5e to be disconnected and reconnected, then fine until the next drop (not sure on a timeline)
    1st station has had this problem with 2 different systems connected there ( First: Vista Home Premium, not connected to domain obviously, 2nd: 7 Pro also not connected to the domain.) ("MY PRIMARY CONCERN ATM")
    2nd station runs wins xp pro connected to Domain (network drop occurs less often here)

    Sorry if this post seems a bit jumbled, kinda in a rush.

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