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By Apollo581
Jul 10, 2009
  1. Hi guys

    Please help me, im having an unusual problem and im no noob on a pc. Im connecting through a network at home and everyone is connecting but me and i already ruled out that is not the problem. My network shows im connected but i cant go on to the internet. Ive stripped my pc 3 times and put it back together again at the same time cleaning it, i even went to get an network adapter and same story, showing its connected but doesnt connect.
  2. Rick

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    1. Post your ipconfig information to get the best help possible

      Instructions for Windows XP:
      • Start > Run
      • Type: cmd.exe
      • [Enter]

      Instructions for Windows Vista:
      • Start > Search box
      • Type: cmd.exe
      • Right click on cmd.exe and "Run as administrator"

      Type this in the black window that appears:
       ipconfig /all > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\ipconfig.txt
      Next, type this in the same window:
      ping >> %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\ipconfig.txt
      Copy and paste or upload your iconfig.txt in this thread. It will be located on your desktop in a file named ipconfig.txt

    2. Next, try another Internet browser

      Do you have more than one Internet browser you can try? For example, if Internet Explorer isn't getting online, how about Firefox? Maybe Chrome, Safari, Opera etc..? Do have any other browsers and do any of them work?

    3. Lastly, do you have any firewall software installed?

      Firewall software can cause problems either by misconfiguration or because of software problems. Try disabling your firewall software. Norton/Symantec, Mcafee, Zone Alarm, BlackIce, Comodo, ESET, Webroot, CA Security, TrendMicro are just several examples of firewalls that may be blocking website access on your computer.

    There's plenty of information on the forum too, so you might want to search around in the meantime. :)
  3. Apollo581

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    Thanx for the info and yes i have already not only disabled my firewall and antivirus i uninstalled my antivirus im running vista and disabled my defender aswell. I usually run on normal microsoft explorer but i used firefox to see if that was working and still the same situation, its come to a point where i either reload my pc or i reset the board you wouldnt happen to know how to reset an intel D946GZIS motherboard ive been looking and cant find out how.
  4. Rick

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    This hasn't anything to do with your system board. It's a software problem. You can reset your board's CMOS by unplugging the power cable and removing the silver coin-cell battery on the board itself for a few seconds. This won't fix your issue.

    If you want to reinstall Windows, that will fix it for sure... But there are better ways to deal with this, if you're willing to continue troubleshooting.
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