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By daniel161
May 5, 2009
  1. Ok, I have been tasked with finding a computer to add to a associations network. Not a problem, but there are a few things I am not sure of. The network as of now is 5 XP computers on the network that have logins managed by a server 2003 computer. That works, no problem there. Now my problem is adding another computer to that setup, I have never ad to add something into an environment like that. I have a general idea, and I can always mirror settings from another computer to get the general idea. BUT today I have very slim pickings of XP, and chances are Vista is what I will have to recommend to buy. So, now on top of never doing this operation before, I have this operating system that I have only used very briefly, and I'm guessing the settings are different in Vista than XP.

    Now, I am very good at working out problems, and I know alot about XP, and the network in the location. I'm just wanting some feedback, and recommendations as to how you would tackle the problem, and what are the major domain/network differences in Xp/Vista.


    Also, is there a certain version of Vista that is needed to do this? The option right now is Home Premium.
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