Network over power lines

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Dec 13, 2008
  1. What is the latest on this technology?. Is it economically viable and reliable?. Is there a Forum devoted to this topic?

    Your comments will be appreciated.
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    BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) is still a very new concept, and there are still trials going on to gauge its effectiveness. The technology has the potential to revolutionize communications, but faces practical problems such as interference with radio devices, particularly military high-frequency radio and other communications intelligence systems, and weakening of the input signal due to attenuation by transformers and active devices like transistors and rectifier circuits.
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    Also refered to as POE (power over ethernet) yes it is a better option over dialup and Satellite but very few power companies offer it let alone have even heard of it. lol, sad
  4. old101

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    Thank you for your comments. I never before heard of interference problems with other devices. Problems usually cited were slow speed of early devices, much improved now, and security, which is probably no worse than wireless.
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    sorry; POE is a means to bring Power to a device using Ethernet, such as a remote switch or router without a near by A/C outlet.

    Ethernet over the A/C power lines in the home work nicely and usually supports encryption. See this device
  6. old101

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    Thank you all for your comments. I am a little disappointed that no one who is actually using this technology commented. I guess it is not very popular. As a matter of interest our new, large Circuit City store had some of these devices in stock, but only for two or three months. This was at least a year before they became bankrupt, although this particular store is open and doing good business right now.
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