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A co-worker of mine is having problems with his home network. I have looked at it and have gone through tech support with different router companies, but the problem persists.

Initially, they used a Linksys wireless router for their home network. Once installed and configured it works great for about 4-5 months, then they start having to reset the router every day due to failed internet connection. Linksys tech support goes through diagnostics over the phone and determines the router has failed. Okay, we have been through 3 different routers of the Linksys brand. It was suggested we try a different brand of router, so I installed and set-up a D-Link Rangebooster G, this was back in May of this year. I was informed today that it now is having to be reset on a daily basis for the same loss of internet connection. Approximately 8 months in service. Cox Cable has sent out techs to check their equipment and found no problems. It always turns out to be the router.

What could be knocking out all these routers? I have checked for interference from other 2.4 GHz sources, ie; cordless phones and microwaves, but the phones were changes to 5 GHz and the microwave is more than 20' away from the router. Additionally, the router does sit in close proximity to a 50" big screen TV, because the cable and modem both connect there. What am I missing? Something has got to be causing a problem for there to be four router failures in approximately a year and a half. Please help if you can!

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When you say failure, does that mean complete failure where you have to replace the unit? or does it just drop wireless connections and have to be reset.. Also, what type of wireless adapters are you using on your clients.? I use a linksys (WRT54G ver 5) which has been on continously for about 3 years. i maybe have had to reset it less than 10 times in 3 years. Sometimes I would have to reset the cable modem
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