Network work laptop to home PC

By JwRyan
Sep 7, 2009
  1. Hi all. Have a question I hope someone can help with.

    I have a work laptop thats set up to connect to the domain at office. I have two home PC's networked through a wireless router. I would like to be able to set everything up so my laptop can be seen on the home network so I can map it as a network drive and make use of its massive memory. i need to do this without effecting the way in which the laptop connects to domain at work.

    Now what I've tried...

    Renamed my home workgroup to match domain name. I can then see the work laptop on the network from home PC and vice versa. Have enabled file sharing. However when I go to map the drive and click on the laptops name when browsing for folder it doesn't expand like it should. I can ping to and from everything and have firewalls temporarly disabled firewalls while trying this.

    I'm sure there must be someway of doing this I just can't figure it out. Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Totally remove all your home setup, and start from scratch... otherwise, info you cannot see is detected. Then you set up the home system with the identical parameters... if it is possible to do so... but if the routers are a different brand, you are going to need to know your stuff. There are some excellent books avaible... you might find one used on Amazon, or at your library.
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