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Oct 6, 2008
  1. Hi, I have to organise something for work but first i have to write down my planning before it goes ahead and i need you guys to help me.

    I have to create a client server Ethernet network. We use software's such as Microsoft Access, excel and publisher, MYOB is used for all the accounts. We're hoping to share the internet for all computers on the network. The sales team require a shared network network drive with personal folders for each employees, shared folders for the sales team and a shared folder for the accounts. The hardware consists of 8 AMD Dual Core 2GB processors, 2GB Ram and 320 Hard Drives computers, 17" LCD monitors. My manager has purchased a network able Laser printer.

    I have to create an outline for the creation of a client server network in our office and advise the available options.

    1. My manager has experience with Peer to Peer networks. Write a explanation to him why I wouldn't recommend this type of network. What type of cabling should I recommend.

    2. Write an explanation of what network devices I would use.. Explain the operation and the advantages/disadvantages of each device.

    3. Draw the logical design of the office network. What network drives would appear on each employee's workstation? Explain my choice of design.

    4. Explain how the printer may be networked and shared.What advantages would it have for the office., in terms of users and management?

    5. What operating System should I use? What are the advantage/disadvantages of this operating system?

    6. Outline what maintenance task the employees would have to carry out to maintain their network?

    7. What precautions need to be taken with the wireless network?

    thanks for any help man.
  2. LookinAround

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    You can't keep coming here and asking people to do your homework assignments. That's not cool.:suspicious :suspiciou

    You gotta learn it right and on your own.,.. just as we did. It's better for you. And not to mention better for your future customers or whomever relies on you.

    Last month's questions were under Networking Help: Need help to answer these You were lucky to get someone to do virtually all the work for you last month. Crack down and do it this months. Maybe hints from people but crack the books bro and get it down@:)
  3. kimsland

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    Imagine answering all that, it would be a book!

    Pictures tell a thousand words, start with that
    And check Google for all info, there's tons of it

    Ideally get some old computers together and start setting up the network

    I have to go along with LookinAround on this DUUDDDDEEEEEE...
  4. waterproof

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    I have done the report already, i need some tips when someone answers them, i would have similar response to what I have written already, same with the other thread, i didn't even use all the answers, since i already done it myself, i use it as if i was heading the right track & got the right info i first written thats how i help myself first.
  5. kimsland

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    Well if you didn't use all of them, that's not so bad ?!

    Anyway, just start with Google
    Although I find MS TechNet Forums to be quite good
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