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Aug 15, 2009
  1. I recently set up a music server downstairs in my house, making use of Spotify and iTunes. I would also like to use it as a form of networked storage. It has a large 250gig hard drive, in two partitions. C & D.

    C is the operating system which I don't want to touch at all.

    I want to share D over the network so I can dump files to it when I have finished with them and may need them later.

    I have right clicked on D, sharing and security, clicked upon 'If you do not understand the risk but still want to share the root of the drive click here', then clicked upon 'Share this folder on the network', gave it a name and 'Allowed networked users to change the files.

    I have configured the firewall to allow certain IPs to connect to it.

    Clicked apply.

    But when I go to try and access the drive on my laptop it does not show up under 'My Network Places'

    Basically I cannot find the drive I have just shared.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    windows xp home or xp pro ?
  3. Computergeek564

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    Both machines are Windows Home SP3.

    The laptop is trying to connect to the machine that the music runs on.

    I was also wondering if I get this sorted out. Will my Vista 64bit be able to see the drive on the network also?
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    Here's a couple links that might help
    > Windows File Sharing
    > Beyond Simple File Sharing: Using Mapped Drives
    > Windows XP Folder Sharing

    Also a couple of notes:
    1. Make sure all computers are assigned the same Workgroup Name
    2. For initial debugging, disable ALL the firewalls...
    > But first, unplug the cable from your ISP network
    > Turn off firewalls on all the computers
    > Now REBOOT each computer (with firewall off)
    3. Once you debug w/firewalls off, you can debug w/firewalls on (and reconnected to your ISP)

    You should also be able to get access from Vista (for vista will need a couple more tweaks)

    /* EDIT */
    btw.. since you are running XP Home only the Simple File Sharing option applies
  5. Computergeek564

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    Sure the Drive should show up in 'My Network Places'?
  6. Computergeek564

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    Right I am narrowing it down a bit.

    Step 5 Click the Network tab in the Properties window. If no Network tab appears in the window, but a Sharing tab appears instead, close this window and ensure the Simple File Sharing option was enabled in the earlier step before proceeding.


    I do not have that option on the host machine. Now I know when I set up the PC. I stopped any unnecessary services from the services.msc. So I may well have of turned off one of the services that I need.

    EXPORT.txt is the list of services that are currently running and not running.
  7. LookinAround

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    My apologies. Been awhile since i looked at that link myself. Don't recall if it's old/out of date.. but I wouldn't expect a "Network" tab in any case. (I'll have to delete it from my bookmarks!!)

    Try this link instead and look at simple file sharing.

    As for My Network Places: here's what i'd advise. First do it from your PC host itself to verify you see the workgroup, then the computer, and then the shared folders on the computer from the host PC's point of view. Then you can do the same on the laptop's remote point of view
    1) Open Explorer.
    2) Scroll down to My Network Places. Rt click select Explore
    3) Click to expand Entire Network->Microsoft Windows Network

    4) Now you should see the Workgroup name. Expand it to see computers in the workgroup. Expand each computer to see the shared folders

    Also... understand Simple File Sharing uses the Guest account logon to gain remote access to the host computer. Make sure the Guest account has the exact same password assigned on your host and all remote machines.
  8. Computergeek564

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    No problem friend.

    So, guest accounts must be enabled? On both machines, via the User Accounts? Currently on both machines they're off.

    Also, I assigned both machines to the same Workgroup, that being 'Home'. Under the laptop I cannot seem to find the workgroup. However in the Host's 'My Network Places' I can see the drive being shared.

    I have tried no firewall. But that makes no difference.

    Could the problem be, that my Laptop is connecting to the router wirelessly, and the Host is connecting to the router via ethernet.
  9. LookinAround

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    1) Guest can still be turned off in Control Panel->User Accounts.
    That does not disable Guest account. It does prevent Local Guest logon. Network Guest logon rights are controlled separately)

    2) You should set Computer Browsing service on your network computers to Automatic (This service helps find and maintain a list of "hosts" for use by machines looking for host servers

    3) Re: firewall off. Just to be sure.... when testing, recommend you should reboot all network computers after turning their firewall off. ('cuz some firewall changes can take up to 12 minutes to be reflected in Microsoft Windows Networking). And, again, be sure to unplug from ISP while debugging with your firewalls off

    4) You might also find this link helpful as a checklist for getting past your computer visibility issues with XP
  10. Computergeek564

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    Okay done it now. Seems I overlooked the problem of the outbound and inbound.

    I configured the Host to allow inbound/outbound through IP access on the firewall. But overlooked the fact that I should have of configured the IP address firewall settings on the Laptop to allow inbound/outbound access to the laptop.

    That's the problem I overlooked. So yeah, it is working on my Laptop. Now just to try and configure Vista with such a complicated Firewall. Comodo >.<
  11. Computergeek564

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    LookingAround. I would like to share my appreciation for you taking your time and helping me with this matter.

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