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Networking problems any solutions?

By antlarin
Dec 26, 2009
  1. This is my first post so please help me out. I had a wireless router linksys G-router. I wanted to upgrade to a N router. With the G router I could only use 2 items at a time with no or very little lag unless I was streaming music or video. If I was using two then it would load slower. I wanted to upgrade to get the fullest out of my internet connection. Now with the N router I cant connect a second item and some times even the first item to the wirless. My laptop sometimes with nothing else going will show limited connectivity. If I have the laptop on and searching the Ipod will have no signal. My xbox will not connect if either of the other two are connected and vise versa with what ever configuration you choose. After install I went to speedtest .net and the test wouldnt even run. Why wont the N router support the same amount of connection as the G router? Did I set something up wrong? Should I settle for the G router?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    ALL the systems connected to the -N router need -N adapters, and most of us have the -G mode devices. Mixed mode (N+G) frequently is difficult and we often force G-MODE only to solve it.

    caveat emptor
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Best way to solve this is to keep the wireless 802.11G router for only G devices. Do not mix mode G and N on the same wireless router. Never going to give you great results. Smart way is to use the 802.11N wireless router for only N devices. So yes you would need to run both wireless routers to manager G and N. I would use the main wireless N router for your DHCP clients and the second old wireless G router would be setup for AP mode. (wireless access point) still would need to connect to the wireless N router via a external switch or a direct connection via Ethernet cable.

    Note if you got Windows 7 and Windows XP make sure you install IPv6 on the XP. All XP versions since SP2 has IPv6 features that just need to be activated. Very simple to do. Once that is done no more issues with wireless G or N and homegroup and workgroup problems are poof gone!
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