Networking Windows 98SE with Windows XP Pro

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Mar 5, 2009
  1. I have a computer running win 98SE and cannot get it to connect to the internet through my home network. It would be nice to network it with the other computers on my network (all running win xp pro) but not an absolute. It can operate as a "stand alone" unit if necessary. The modem/router is a Westell 327w, which allows hard wired as well as wireless. The win 98se is an older computer that was previously connected via dialup but never via dsl. I have a network card installed with the proper drivers but still cannot get it to connect. If anyone could "spoon feed" me about the various settings and so forth, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.....rocknroller....
  2. jobeard

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    you need a router wired like this
    modem---router----xp systems
               +--------- win/98 Nic
    Set the NIC properties to allow DHCP for both IP and DNS addresses
    (which assumes your router will supply or has that service enabled)

    use the CP->Network tool
    At the bottom -> Primary Network Login -> set MS Family Login
    find and select the NIC you wish to configure (Tcp/ip -> Brand name)
    click Properties
    • IP address tab->obtain IP automatically
    • DNS Config -> Disable DNS
    • Gateway-> Add (use the router address)
    • WINS->Disable
    • Click OK
    Click ok
  3. rocknroller

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    Thank you jobeard!

    Dear jobeard,

    Thank you very much for your help. Just a couple of points that I need a little more explanation as I am fairly new to networking procedures and protocols.

    1. I assume your wiring diagram means to hardwire a cat5 cable from one of the Westell ports directly to the win 98SE computer.

    2. What is the CP network tool, where do I find it, and finally how do I use it properly?

    I apologize for these simple/stupid questions but obviously you know exactly what and how to do this and I want to follow your instructions tot the T, as this is a learning experience for me.

    Thank you so very much for your time and kindness in helping me with this issue....

  4. jdillman1502

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    CP = Control Panel
  5. jobeard

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    if you have more than one computer, then you need a router between the Westell and the systems. All systems plug into the router and NONE into the Westell
  6. rocknroller

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    Dear jobeard,
  7. rocknroller

    rocknroller TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Dear jobeard,

    The Westell 327w is a modem/router combination with 4 wired ports and also has wireless capability. My ISP sent 4 antenna kits with USB connections for up to 8 total connections. I assume from your drawing that you have the win98SE hardwired to the router using one of the 4 wired ports on the Westell...right? Also, the wireless connections work perfecly with my laptop and another machine , both running win xp pro. I would like to connect the win98Se machine using a wireless connection if not a problem but can hardwire it if best...whichever you say. I would like to network the win98SE with the others but not essential if it poses a problem with the xp pro machines.

    Thank you for your most kind effort to help me with this problem...rocknroller...
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