New build issue

By otakux
Feb 18, 2010
  1. OK today i put together a new build for myself:
    -Processor:AMD athlon phenom 8750 2.4ghz AM2+
    -stock CPU fan
    -motherboard:ECS A780GM-a black edition (not the ULTRA)
    -RAM:4gb gskill
    -Western Digital 320GB HDD
    -optical:LG DVD burner
    -graphics:EVGA Nvidia 9800 GTX+ graphics
    -Power Supply:850WATT APOWER psu

    I get it all connected and power it on and I get a black screen then this message " reboot or select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key..." I was like "WTF?" I had never seen a message like that before. I put my windows 7 disc in and hit enter. Then this screen came up talking about windows boot manager and editing windows with my install CD and if the problem persists then I may need to remove any newly installed hardware. Well that wouldn't be an issue if all the parts weren't new. So, I restart and the same message come up about the reboot or select proper....blah blah and then I realized the BIOS menu never came up at all. So I:

    1.remove my monitor from the KVM switch box, just in case that was causing a delay. RESULT = no change
    2. Then I tried removing the graphics card and using on board graphics. RESULT = no change still that damn message
    3. I had an issue getting my media reader to power up earlier so i disconnected that just in case that was the problem hardware. RESULT = no change that message again.
    4.Pop my windows disc back in after the message comes up and i keep hitting enter because I was just pissed. RESULT = the computer actually started to initialize the install. The install arrives at the screen when you tell it you want to install win7 and all that jazz. I click install....and then the install button came up I hit it again...still same result.

    I'm at a loss. I guess firstly, why isn't my BIOS screen coming up. Secondly, why is that message evening appearing? is it a bad mobo?

    oh and for a side note, those windows discs work in other computers so they aren't an issue.

    Thank you all for your help!
  2. dustin_ds3000

    dustin_ds3000 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 887   +19

    press the DELETE key to enter BIOS as soon as you turn on your computer
  3. otakux

    otakux TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK Thanks I got it working, I had to make sure my dvd drive was first priority when it booted. Its always the simple mistakes that get ya'. Thanks!
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