New computer, no monitor/USB

By Eichenkatze
Jun 16, 2009
  1. First off; I'm building a decent PC, the specs are:

    Core i7 920
    Gigabyte EX85 Mobo
    6Gb Corsair DDR3
    1Tb HDD
    7.1 Surround
    2x 9800 GTX 512mb
    850w PSU

    I don't post that to brag as even so it's not my PC, but a friends who I am building it for.

    Here's the issue I need help with though: Everything is plugged in, it's all cool pasted and ready to go. You start up the PC and all the fans run, LEDs turn on, HDD spins, and so on yet the Monitor never comes on (it stays off with the orange light) and the mouse/keyboard never light up.

    I've checked the RAM, reset the CMOS, replaced the cards (took them out, inspected, and then put back in) as far as i'm aware, the PSU should be able to handle it. The cards even power up.

    What could be causing this? funky mobo? The monitor works for sure, tested it on the laptop earlier (though I can't get it to work now- Just sits at "no cable connected" but the laptop responds to being plugged in (extends the screen) so I think it's the laptop here, needs a restart, I'll try and see.

    Edit: yep, just needed a restart. So monitor works fine.

    Any help and suggestions would be great, thanks!
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes it is a decent computer. I haven't worked with the new core i7 processors yet... Make sure you have connected all the power supply wires to the motherboard properly. There might be an 8-pin CPU power plug near the CPU that you forgot to connect. Good luck
  3. Eichenkatze

    Eichenkatze TS Rookie Topic Starter

    haha, yes! I did find that one, I had missed it my first boot-up attempt but caught it afterwards. Still didn't/doesn't boot the BIOS. Just kicks the screen at idle (yellow light) but the machine runs fantastic. I contacted Gigabyte's customer support to see what they would say, haven't heard anything yet
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