New computer restarting or crashing while playing games

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I have the same problem, but my computer shuts down during the play :dead:
I have
WIN xp SP2
GeForce 6600 GT 256
Maxtor Sata 160gb

...i downloaded the newest drivers for my grafic card.....
I dot know what to do anymore...

I have run P95 and it crashed down after 30 min....
new computer crashes games too

I just bought a new computer thanksgiving time.

AMD athlon 64
radeon x700 pro video
xp media edition
2.9ghx 1g ram

1st game we installed - star wars battlefront - crashed right from the start. All other games are also crashing - occasionally - creating a very frustrated teenager and mother who is supposed to know why! aargh
I get the same problem with the Sims 2, I can play the game for about an hour and then it goes black for a minute, my pc crashes and reboots. The error I get is about my video card (Radeon 7000) which the sims 2 website says will work with the game.

I have newest drivers and Direct X 9.0c

I use to play the game about a year of go perfectly with no crashes ever. Now it does this.

P4 1.4
512 RAM
Radeon 7000
thanks for the note toejam! We thinks the games are the problem as m'boy says they crash in the same spot when they do - he also downloaded a starwars game to decide whether to buy or not and that one also crashes ... in the same spot! oh well...we'll keep on playin!
Try this! Re: Game Crashes

I had this exact problem and after 2 years I have finally figured out what it was. I tried replacing my video card and basically everything but my motherboard and cpu with no results. Finally i opened the case and placed a large fan up to the computer and ran the fan while i was playing my games. What do you know.. The games didn't crash! So with that in mind I knew the computer was overheating somewhere. Turns out there is a chip beside the cpu with a heatsink on it (may be the chipset) that was overheating and crashing the games. I purchased a cheap fan and screwed in onto the heatsink and now my computer doesn't crash during gameplay!

Give it a try, you never know... I spent many many hours and almost tossed my computer out the window in anger.

Let me know how this works out for your guys!
My computer has been restarting randomly for some time now. it mostly occurs when on the internet however has been known to also restart when using simple programs such as microsoft word. i have ignored it up until now however it does get very anoying. It is quite a regular thing and my computer will restart itself randomly, without any warning about twice a month. can anyone help me with this problem?
Hey, i have what sounds exactly like Eliana's problem, and our system is almost exactly the same, i have GeForce 6400, and it does it during any game, between 2-25 minutes in (it even did it during WC1) O.o

i read somewhere that replacing the Motherboard could fix it, but I wanted to check cheaper methods first. I tried checking the connections, getting the latest drivers, making sure it isn't over-heating.....etc. One thing a friend told me is to try and slow down the graphics card to half speed, but he can't remember how to do it, and I can't find that option anywhere on my computer.

Okay same problem here.

When playing a game, the pc seems to be acting normal. Then after 15minutes the screen blanks out, sound stoppes. Looks like no signal is coming thrue the motherboard.

So I contacted a pc specialist. He said that my motherboard broke due to a error on the board. So I saved up my money and bought a brand new motherboard.

The problem seemed to be solved. I was able to play games for about 3 days. (whow?).
Bam! And again.. same problem.

So this morning I turned on my pc. Turned on World Of Warcraft.
It's really hot today so I thought it would come in handy to place a fan on my desk. I connected it to a energy-box where my pc is connected to aswell. Turned it on. Bam! The same time, the pc crashed.
So I thought it might be that the pc got too less energy. (since I casemodded it. -had the problem before casemodding too though)
So I connected it straight to a contactbox in the wall. Fans seem to be spinning faster. (got 4 extra fans in my pc, so overheating isn't the problem)
but still, same problem. Pc crashes.

I too was thinking it is because of a lack of RAM memory.

PC specs:

Intel Pentium 4
3,0GhZ 512MB-RAM (<think that's the problem)
ATI Radeon 9800PRO videocard
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